What mamas are saying about…STROLLER POWER!

“This is a great class, we have really enjoyed it the past two years. It has been wonderful for meeting other moms and kiddos in the area and to get in shape at the same time! Diana’s classes are structured to meet everyone’s individual fitness goals and she really gives it a personalized touch! She makes everyone feel welcome and I have really enjoyed getting to know her and the other people in her class who I now consider my friends!” (Angie)

“This is the third year I’ve attended Stroller Power classes and it’s my favorite way to exercise!  I really enjoy seeing familiar faces and/or meeting new moms every time I come to class.  My son also looks forward to going to Stroller Power and he loves seeing his friends there.  I’m so glad Diana started this- she is a very experienced instructor and extremely friendly.  Because of Stroller Power, I ended up getting in shape to run my first 5K which was something I truly never thought I’d ever do.  I truly hope Stroller Power will be around in this community for many years in the future.” (Michelle)

“Stroller Power came at just the right time for me. After having my second child I was concerned about getting my workouts in. My baby wasn’t old enough for child care anywhere and I didn’t really want to leave her anyway! Little did I know that I would not only take part in some great workouts, I’d meet amazing new friends, feel abundant amounts of support and encouragement and also set and achieve goals I didn’t think were possible so soon after having a baby! I look forward to class days because I know I’ll start my day in a healthy way and leave knowing my group of friends and fellow mamas are there for me!! I am so grateful for all the class offers and for the inspiration it provides.” (Lacey)

“I was introduced to Stroller Power through a friend.  I loved this class from the beginning.  The first thing it offered me was a sense of accountability…and in a good way (not the guilty way!)!  It gave me motivation to get out of the house in the morning with a purpose.  This class is truly meant for moms at all stages.  The variety offered during the distance days has been great.  The station days are tough because Diana encourages us to do what works for us and I love the feeling I get after a workout!  The ultimate bonus of this class is being able to take my child with me instead of leaving her behind.  Not only do we get to spend time together outside, but she is actually helping me to challenge myself further by exercising with the stroller (and her added baby weight!).  I only wish I could have found this class sooner!!” (Bethany)

“I’ve been a part of Stroller Power since my 2 year old was only a couple months old.   I now have 2 daughters that I’m pushing in the stroller and I’m so happy to be able to get out and be active with my girls. It has an awesome way to get rid of the baby weight and get back into shape.  It’s amazing to get to exercise and do fun songs, etc with the kids which my daughter loves.  I’ve met so many wonderful moms, friends and kiddos.   Having that support system to motivate you not only in your workout but also as a fellow mom has been wonderful.  Diana does a great job teaching the class and always give alternatives to tailor the workout to each person’s capabilities. ” (Chrystal)

“I actually heard about the stroller class through a friend. I went a few times just after my first baby was born. Since starting this class, I overall have more energy and feel healthier! Diana’s classes are structured to where you can go at a pace that works for you. I look forward to class and I am pretty bummed when I am unable to attend or class is canceled due to weather. I have met some wonderful moms through this class, and it allows me to have some “adult” time. My daughter enjoys class too! She is 19 months now and at home will pick up “her” weights and do squats then get on the floor to do her version of push-ups. It is hilarious! I believe this has  been beneficial for both of us. Stroller Power is teaching her healthy habits at an early age!!”  (Michelle C.)

What mamas are saying about…Movin’ with Mommies!

“I loved this class!  It was great strength and toning, but I enjoyed the fellowship with other Christian ladies most of all.  Diana did a wonderful job in leading the class in terms of fitness as well as keeping our focus on being God centered.” Jamie

Movin’ with Mommies is great accountability and motivation in a non-intimidating and beyond uplifting setting!  Diana has a love for fitness to glorify God, and a heart for people!!  My kids totally looked forward to MwM days… often ready and in the car a good hour before it was time to leave for class. Movin’ with Mommies… 8 thumbs up!!  -Leah

“I have just completed my first Movin with Mommies class. I must say I loved it! It was a wonderful way to get myself exercising again alongside a group of wonderful Christian moms! My kiddos loved their time on the playground while I worked out…uninterrupted! I look forward to our next session and I hope to integrate myself into other classes offered by Diana! She is a fantastic leader in class and is such an inspiration!” Julie W.

“Movin with Mommies has been a perfect class to do just that, get me moving! What could be more perfect? The kids get to play on a fun indoor playground while I work out with other moms! I have grown my faith and friendships, all while improving my health. If you are looking to get in shape (spiritually and physically) and meet other moms all while including your kids, this class is for you!” Meghan B


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